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Note: The link to the eBook is at the bottom of this post. 

Have you ever dreamed of doing something bold and creative? Have you ever seen someone else’s accomplishment and thought, “I could do that.” 

I firmly believe that at some point, all of us feel the itch to pursue some kind of art.

Now, when I say “art,” I’m not talking exclusively about paintings and illustrations.

When I talk about art I mean it in the broadest sense: any creative endeavor that requires time, skill, and risk. For you it could mean painting or drawing.

But it could also mean writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry), woodworking, crafting, photography, graphic design, dancing, acting, public speaking, etc.

Maybe it’s getting certified to teach yoga. Maybe it’s starting that side business you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Regardless of what it is, let’s face it: we all have some creative endeavor we want to pursue. 

Unfortunately, the fear of failure prevents many of us from pursuing our art–even the art we have a natural gift for. It just seems too risky, like putting all our chips on the table.

What happens if we fail? What if no one likes or buys the art we’ve created? And if we fail at the very thing people say we’re gifted at, where does that leave us?

That’s why I wrote this short, free eBook, Why You’re Afraid to Pursue Your Art (And What to Do About It)

I wrote it because I know what it feels like to avoid pursuing something risky and creative because you’re afraid of failure or rejection. I know because I’ve done it.

But whenever we listen to our fears and cease to pursue the risky art we were called to create, we cease to truly live. The only way we can find the freedom to recklessly pursue our art is to place our identity, worth, and value in something else–namely, the gospel of Jesus.


If you’re tracking with me, do me a favor:

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Why You’re Afraid to Pursue Your Art (And What to Do About It)